Durley Dk Grey Pol

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Durley Dk Grey Pol.

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Durley Dk Grey Pol. large-format 1000x1000mm polished porcelain.

Looking to elevate your interior design with a touch of sophistication and elegance?

Durley luxury polished tiles are the perfect choice for adding a touch of grandeur to your living space.

With their timeless beauty and exceptional durability, these tiles are designed to meet the needs of modern living while exuding a sense of luxury.

Available in two classic colours –  light grey and dark grey, you can create a stunning aesthetic that complements any decor style.

Whether you choose the large-format 1000x1000mm size for a statement look or opt for the more traditional 300x600mm and 600x600mm sizes,

Durley tiles offer versatility and style that will enhance the beauty of any room. Upgrade your space with Durley tiles and transform your home into a luxurious sanctuary.

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