Dural CI++ Matting

Dural CI++ Matting The Dural CI++ matting (AKA GMat & Ditra Mat) multifunctional matting system, with its 3-layer construction, offers much more than decoupling. With its crack-bridging properties and optimised shearing force protection, it allows new tiles to be laid on old and damaged tiled floors, provided that these are still load-bearing.

For fresh screed, tiles can be laid immediately as soon as the screed can be walked on.  Quick and straightforward to install and offering maximum installation reliability, DURABASE CI++ is ideal for renovation projects and for laying on mineral subsurfaces which are not quite dry.

With underfloor heating, the air channels created by DURABASE CI++ quickly and evenly distribute heat below the tiled floor. DURABASE CI++ compensates for temperature-related stresses which occur in balconies and terraces. Used in combination with DURABASE WP or WPFB tape, the installation subsurface is protected from damp and the ingress of moisture.

Suitable subsurfaces are:

  •  Cement screed
  • Calcium sulphate screed (anhydrite screed)
  • Hot screeds n Mastic asphalt screeds
  • Concrete
  • Synthetic laminates and coatings
  • Plywood and chipboard
  • Wooden floorboards

For load-related reasons, DURABASE CI++ mats are not suitable for the installation of thin floor tiles („slim tiles“, e.g. 4 mm). The use of these tiles involves a risk of breakage. Furthermore, small format tiles measuring less than 50 x 50 mm may not be used. Depending on the system, decoupled flooring surfaces can produce a modified sound pattern when walked over by hard soles or high heels. Please refer to the information in the installation instructions.

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