Durabase CI-FH Decoupling Mat

Durabase CI-FH Decoupling MatDurabase CI-FH Decoupling Mat (AKA Dural Cable Mat) is a decoupling matting that doubles as a carrier for electric underfloor heating cables. There is no need to lay uncoupling matting then underfloor heating mats separately. The matting is available by the squaremetre as well as 5m and 15m rolls.

It is also suitable for use with all electric under floor heating systems from 2-5mm cable thickness

By absorbing stress the membrane allows the tiled surface to remain intact. The air spaces under the membrane have two benefits, they allow residual moisture to gradually escape therefore helping to prevent cracks forming in the substrate. The air spaces also allow the heat to be spread evenly across the floor surface making the heating action more general and effective.

Applying a rigid floor covering to such surfaces would normally be difficult. CI+ matting is a simple fixing method to achieve satisfactory results with the minimum of cost and labour. The lateral movement of such surfaces would normally cause tiles to de-bond or crack.

There are infinite combinations of substrates and variations in ceramics, slates, marbles and other surfaces which could be used on a project so it is impossible to provide a definitive guarantee for any specific project. However if care is taken to ensure that any vertical flexing of the substrate is removed then a very high chance of success is likely. Dural is prepared to guarantee the performance of the product that we recommend. This would always be subject to the removal of vertical flex and that all work was carried out under our fixing instructions and with due professional care and diligence. In short the product does not work miracles it can only function correctly where it has been fixed in the correct manner.

Key points:

  • Avoid vertical movement.
  • In the case of wooden substrates a rough guide would be that any movement should be similar to that of a floor overlaid with ply. This can normally be achieved by making additional screw fixings through the original boards.
  • An adhesive is required to adhere the substrate and mechanically grip the fleece on the underside of the mat.
  • The use of flexible adhesives and grouts can be beneficial.

We always recommend using Tilemaster Levelflex over the top of the cable and matting to protect the cable whilst tiling and also create a seperate layer which will make it much easier to take a tile up (should you have to).

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