Warmup Undertile Heating

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Warmup Undertile Heating

Loose Cable Undertile Heating.  

Loose Wire System
Warmup Undertile Heating – Loose Wire, also known as DWSWire, is a 1.8mm thin electric floor heating cable that is available as a kit featuring the cable, primer, tape and foam roller.

loose wire

It offers fast installation times for irregularly shaped rooms and can be used with almost all floor coverings.

When tiling onto timber floors, we recommend the use of Cable-Mat uncoupling mat which holds the cable in place and also allows the floor to expand and contract as the floor warms and cools without causing any cracks to the finished floor.

Dural Durabase CI-FH Decoupling Mat for 15 SQM (15x1m Roll) with Warmup Undertile Heating

Cable Mat is a decoupling matting that doubles as a carrier for electric underfloor heating cables.

There is no need to lay uncoupling matting then underfloor heating mats separately. The matting is available to purchase by the M2 or in full rolls of 15m2.

Prior to tiling we always recommend a layer of Tilemaster Levelflex


Levelflex is a flexible, fibre reinforced, protein free cement based formulation designed for smoothing and levelling sub-floors in preparation to applying a floor finish. Levelflex has been developed for levelling surfaces subject to limited movement and/or vibration such as plywood overlay and underfloor heating as well as more common surfaces like sand/cement screed and concrete. Levelflex can be applied from depths of 2mm – 85mm in one application. Levelflex is fast setting, ceramic tiles can be applied after 3 hours, decorative vinyl can be applied after 24 hours.

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