Fusion Blanco 25X75

£63.49 Per M2

Fusion Blanco 25x75cm ceramic wall tile.

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When designing a modern and minimalist bathroom, choosing the right tiles can make all the difference. Fusion Blanco, with its clean white color and subtle lined lustre, is an excellent choice for creating a sleek and bright space.

Paired with the decor tile that offers a tranquil feel, this combination can transform your bathroom into a serene oasis of relaxation and style.

Experimenting with different tile layouts and patterns can further enhance the overall aesthetic, adding a touch of creativity to the design.

Fusion Blanco tiles provide a versatile canvas to bring your vision to life.

Additional information

Weight 20.36 kg

25 x 75cm

Tiles per Box

8 Tiles


Wall Tile

Tiles Per M2


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